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Divorce is a hard situation to deal with.  There are emotional issues, along with legal issues, that have to be dealt with.  Michelle Hall is the best person to contact regarding the legal issues surrounding a divorce.  You need an experienced lawyer to represent you through this extremely difficult situation.  Michelle Hall has been practicing divorce law since December 2005, so she has plenty of experience in how to handle all of the issues in your divorce situation.


There are complex legal issues involved in a divorce.  Some of those issues can include how to divide marital assets, such as the house, cars, and retirement accounts, or marital debts, such as credit card debts.  What if you have children?  How are you going to handle custody, visitation, and child support?  How long do you have to wait to get divorced?  What is your spouse is cheating on you, being violent toward you or your children, or is using drugs or alcohol.  What are the first steps in getting the process started and the things to avoid to protect your legal rights in this extremely emotional situation?  Michelle Hall will answer all of those questions for you.  Call today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to talk about the specific facts of your case and get the best advice available.